Who Sang These R the Blues? AKIR

AKIR Legacy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-4-25
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta/Conscious
length: 4:02
producer: SouthPaw
[Intro: Abiodun]
Hard is my dawg, life is a b____
When I scratch it's more than just an itch
I'm a living lesson
You make your own blessings

He walks with a vengeance, street talk all in his sentence
Pass the benches in the park where the fiends use syringes
They, losin they senses, mood is defensive
Fueds with dudes get shot on the fences just for talkin offensive
Wreckless surroundings, sirens is soundin
Beasts come around, n____z be out, leave and we out again
Government bills, kill a Arab man up in the mountain
Sufferin buildin bills amountin by the thousands
Free and clear, phone to his ears, stuck in the cloud and
To hide his fear, drinkin the beer makes him a wild man
And the mission he's on, dapped the b__ with the Pumas on
Tapped the cat, champ the black Lucy's from {?}
Then he saw her off out the corner store, upped a quarter more
Buyin bags from a crack w____, out a back door
Stashin in a w____ face, make sure it's all safe
Sits down and pulls his books out, look his teacher up in the face

[Chorus: Akir]
Get that paper what the O.G.'s told me
Stay away from snakes and them fake a__ police
Watch enemies dawg, they might be one of your homies
Had to pay my dues, that's why the whole world owes me
Flip that paper so my cheese'll grow B
n____z keep your s___e cause you really don't know me
It's my time to shine like, ice and Roleys
Y'all n____z never owe me, the whole world owes me

Yo, she talks slick playin hard to get
Glossy lips, flossy wrists, saw some t__s
And all of this make it awkward without dollars to spit
She's often dissed, n____z be like "She's on some s___"
While they walk away dreamin that she's on they d___
Soft and thick, hard to miss unfortunate
Though three abortions supported by the source of her tricked dough
Superficial official, 'round the issue she tiptoes
Time tickin, mind clickin, showin her woes
A dime chicken risk her position to get her finger froze
Lover and friend, bigger bro, it's been like a minute yo
He been through like a million hoes, can't say she don't know
Play like she don't care, long as the dough's there
So she can go and buy her some clothes and do her hair
Not fair, genocide mental warfare
Livin with her moms, three siblings on welfare with no health care


[Outro: Amin Joseph]
"This is Your Life, Part 2"
Stay tuned for the next album's installment
Additional episodes may cause consciousness
The ability to foresee capitalistic agenda
Brought to you in part by
A mother that strip tease on her knees for cheese to feed two seeds
n____z that disrespect virgins but trick on groupies
The number one, benefits include lifetime warranty of lyrical potency
The FCC did not approve...

CD 1
  • 1 The Initiation
  • 2 Rites of Passage
  • 3 Mood Music
  • 4 Grind
  • 5 Treason
  • 6 This Is Your Life, Part 2
  • 7 Kunta Kinte
  • 8 Politricks
  • 9 Apocalypse
  • 10 Change of the Seasons
  • 11 Resurrect
  • 12 Ride 2 It
  • 13 No Longer My Home
  • 14 These R the Blues
  • 15 Pedigree
  • 16 So Much
  • 17 Homeward Bound
  • 18 Tropical Fantasy
  • 19 Legacy
  • 20 The Louisiana Purchase

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin