Who Sang My Sarajevo One? Ákos

Ákos Call My Name cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Electronic Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock
length: 3:12
We´re all loathe
To let our feelings show
But there are things we can´t disguise.

You maintain
You carry no more pain
But you betray it in your eyes.

The thing I treasure the most
Whenever we´re close
Is how you lay beside me.

Seeing you there
Showing not a care
Makes the tears well up inside me

´Cos believe it or not
I haven´t forgotten
Where you´re really from
Through pleasure and pain
You will always remain
My Sarajevo One

You always tell me
In this land of plenty
That you want for nothing more

No-one here
Can resurrect your fear
The´ve no experience of war

But still you cry in your sleep
The scars run so deep
Not even God can heal them

The most I can do
Is to help you though
In the hope that you won´t feel them

´Cos from that moment we met
I´ll never forget
Just where you´re really from
I cherish the day
That you chose to stay
My Sarajevo One

In the rubble of millions of spirits broken
The miracle of your radiant heart survives

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