...But I Was Cool! Lyrics - Albert Collins

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length: 3:12
I always live by the, golden rule
Whatever happens, ha, don't blow your cool!
You gotta have nerves of steel
And never show folks how you, honestly feel

I lived all my life this way, hah
For example, take yesterday

I breeze home happy bringin' her my pay
Her note read, so long savvy, I haven't gone away!
An' I threw myself down across our empty bed
An' this is what I said

Oh **** Oh Oh Oh
What? Oh what are you gonna do with me?
Oh wow uh
But I was cool!

So I "one for the roaded" at a all night bar
I wound up so loaded, I tore up my car
The judge threw the book at me,
An' when I read, the sentence there, I said

Ow! Please ow ow, please I got to know, I got to know
What? what went wrong?
I don't underst' I oh a,
But I was cool!

So I said she's the only one, that I have to pay
And I found her an' pulled my gun, an' fired point blank
The shot whistled right past that woman's head
An' I killed my hound dog, dead!

Ow, ruff ruff, r' r' r' r' r' r'
As they carried me away
I was overheard to say,
"Be cool, be cool, stay cool, be cool!"

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