I'm Beginning to Wonder Lyrics - Albert Collins

Albert Collins Iceman cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1991-3-5
Genre: Blues
Style: Electric Blues/Texas Blues
length: 4:11
I'm beginnin' to wonder, baby.
What's goin' on when I'm not at home?
I'm beginnin' to wonder, baby.
I know you ain't there all alone.
Ev'ry time I have to leave you, woman.
I wonder who's takin' my place, an' turnin' you on.

I'm beginnin' to wonder, woman
Why I worry ev'ryday.
I said, I'm beginnin' to wonder, woman
Wonder why I feel this way.
I be home early Tuesday evenin'.
Better hide your part-time man, away.

(guitar solo & instrumental)

I'm beginnin' to wonder, woman.
Why we wasted all this time.
I'm beginnin' to wonder, baby.
Wonder why we didn't see the signs?
What we did, we've now forgotten.
What we had, we left behind.

(guitar solo & instrumental fade to end)

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