Too Tired Lyrics - Albert Collins

Albert Collins Ice Pickin’ cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1978
Genre: Blues
Style: Chicago Blues
length: 3:02
I laid down last night, too tired to wait
I had a chill this mornin', too tired to shake
I got a good poker hand, too tired to win
I could hear my baby knockin', too tired to let her in

I'm tired, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm tired
Too tired, too tired for anything

Too tired to walk, too tired to run
I can hear my baby callin', too tired, too tired

Too tired, yes I'm tired
I'm tired, too tired for anything

I'm tired of prosperity, tired of luck
Sittin' on a pin, I'm too tired to get up

I'm tired, I declare, I declare, I'm tired
Too tired, tired, too tired for anything

I'm tired, baby!


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