Who Sang Even When Your Love Is Gone? Alexander Klaws

Release information
Release Date: 2003-4-28
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Europop/Ballad
length: 3:53
Oh your heart feels cold � with your love is gone
Oh some day I know, your prince will come
Babe I swear to you � I'm not a dreamer
Oh you cannot win � with a losing hand
But your time will come � maybe in the end
Babe I swear to you � I'm not a dreamer
Some day the sun will shine � will shine for you
And all the rain in gone � and you're not the fool

Ever when your love is gone
Even when you're so alone, oh I'll care
Every time oh I'll be there, my baby
Even when you're down and out
Even when you heart dries loud, oh I'll care
Everytime oh I'll be there, every time I'll be there

You don't sleep alone � in your lonely bed
If you will call, babe � I'll make you glad
Babe I swear to you � I'm not a dreamer
Oh don't count your tears � in a silent night
Baby please stand up . can't you see the light
Babe I swear to you � I'm not a dreamer
Tell me your dreams my love and I'll tell you mine
And at the end of the night � the sun always shines

Chorus x2

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