Who Sang I Believe? Alexander Klaws

Release information
Release Date: 2003-4-28
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Europop/Ballad
length: 3:34
Oh I swear I'll die for you
You're my life, my heart it's true
If you stay with me tonight
I'll stay always by your side
But if you go away
I'm a fool again, promise me you don't let it end

I believe - I can fly to you
Through the valleys and the mountains too
I believe - I can reach the sky - if I only try
I believe - I can fly to you
Coast to coast - see what love can do
Through a storm and a fire too
I do it just for you

Oh my day will come I know
Storms don't last - my love, don't go
It's not fair, don't blame my heart
We can try a brand new start
Life is too short my love
Don't throw it all away, every day is a new day

Chours x2

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CD 1
  • 1 Take Me Tonight
  • 2 I Don’t Wanna Say That
  • 3 From the Heart of an Angel
  • 4 Another Day, Another Heart
  • 5 We Had It All
  • 6 Stay With Me
  • 7 I Need You
  • 8 Anything Is Possible
  • 9 Breakin’ Up Is Hard to Do
  • 10 I Believe
  • 11 Anytime You Want Me
  • 12 Just Tomorrow
  • 13 Maniac
  • 14 Even When Your Love Is Gone
  • 15 If I Can’t Have You Tonight