Who Sang All Day, All Night? Allies

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All Day, All Night
You got the power
To make it right
You got the power
To Make a Change in me
It started this morning, I was watching the news
Some guy going on and on about his political views
Man, there's people starving, and thousands dying
Sometimes I feel The Whole weight of the world
And I just start cring,
Somebody out to do something
I can't find my keys
Where am I going anyway
Somehow I wound up on my knees
I felt so helpless, I don't know what to say
So I closed my eyes and I started to pray

I started to feel better
Then I guess I started to get mad
Thinking about all the time I've wasted
And all the chances I've had
Who am I kidding, Who do I think I am
Some "holier then thou"
I'm a sinful man, I know I ain't perfect
After all I've done and said
But I do believe in grace, That's my daily bread
And I'm fed up with this world And all it's little lies
I just gotta talk to you and bring it all down to size

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    script: Latin