Who Sang Bleeding Heart? AllRise

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length: 3:17
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Oh you absent lord
Here comes your world war
No distant shore
Front line is your front door
Sink like a stone age
Tear out the page
Scripture set this stage
Where are you now

These questions have no answers
Bow before your masters
Bleeding heart beat faster
Yahhhhahhhhh yahhhhahhh

Oh you absent lord
New kind of cold war
Counter attacks
Flashlights and masquerades
These are not fair trades
This is a raid
Culture fades away
Where are you now
Come crumbling down

Did we break you down
Stake you down
Did your noble crown
Stain the ground
Did our torture turn you around

Your blood is on us
Now our blood is on you
Back at the pentagon cinema
Everyone watches with bated breath
How your death
Why you died
Kept people satisfied, terrified
Candidate, keep them afraid

CD 1
  • 1 Bleeding Heart
  • 2 Lucky
  • 3 Victims and Martyrs
  • 4 Desperate Times
  • 5 Stranger
  • 6 A Year From Now
  • 7 Break in Two
  • 8 Lound and Clear
  • 9 Pull
  • 10 The Truth
  • 11 Go Down Fighting
  • 12 Collapse

  • Release information
    format: CD
    script: Latin