Amel Larrieux - A Million Sapphires Lyrics

release date: 2013-10-22
genres: Electronic Funk / Soul
styles: Soul
length: 3:40

[Verse 1:]
Lovely one
And kissed
By the sun
Speak and
Gems fall
From your tongue
The fire in me
Has begun

This is so bright
We are hope
You are light
Blind my eyes
Hold me close
And feel me explode into a million

[Verse 2:]
In mid air
Aligned in
Sparkling pairs
To you
All these wonders
Can't compare
The fire in me is there


In the miracle that is this
Beautiful emotion
Life is breathing with us
You the pranayama
And me the body filled
With all the healing energy
I am you
You are me

[Chorus (3x)]

We are
We are
We are
We are

Track Listing
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  • 2 A Million Sapphires
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