Who Sang I N I? Amel Larrieux

Amel Larrieux  cover art
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length: 3:51
A little girl I was looking at a magazine
Wonderin' why I could never find to many girls that look like me
All I saw was hair so blonde and eyes so very blue
And the words under the picture said and you can get this look to

They cannot define beautiful to me
Someone elses eyes don't see what I see
Followin like I'm blind just won't do for me
God made me just fine that's why I got to be

[Repeat Chorus]
Ini, ini

Some people talkin' bout when judgment day will come
Looking down upon those not down with their religion
You must believe in all they say and all they do
And if you don't then heaven's gate's are closed to you

I do not subscribe to their philosophy
I don't think my god wants them judgin' me
Followin' like I'm blind just won't do for me
God knows what's in my heart

That's why I got to be chorus: