Who Sang Let's Have A Party? Amos Milburn

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Lets Have A Party
One day I met Minnie Mouse
She said baby, let's play house
I said honey, I do more but
What if Mickey comes knocking on the door
She said honey, let's hit the sack
'Cause Mickey Mouse, he won't be back
She said baby I love your tail
And that so far is the end of the tale
The true story about Cinderella
Was that she broke up with another fellow
The same day we met at the dance
She didn't wait, she took her chance
Owee owee oah! What's wrong with you
Don't you like our menageatwo
Her ex asked as he took her hand
She said she always loved the singer in a rock n'roll band
Well keep on loving me honey
Like you did before
And if that Prince comes crawling
Just show him the door

(CHORUS) Let's have a party (x2)
You and me hand in hand
Wandering through sexy wonderland
Let's have a party right now!
I said beep beep I said beep beep beep
Did you hear the gossip about Snow White
It turned out to be she's a transvestite
And do you know the story 'bout Betty Boop
Well the people say she loves to do it in a group

Eenee, meemee, mince ma
Minnie Mouse in sterio
3, 6, 9
Once upon a time
Cinderella drank a little wine
Can't you see
The dirty little girl has a crush on me
Let's have a party!
Lets Have A Party

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