Who Sang Up, Up and Away? Amos the Transparent

Release information
Release Date: 2009-3
length: 5:43

When I was a young boy my father once told me don't run from your fears
And maybe next time when I open my eyes, a truth would appear
Where all the big city rock stars and small town whores
Wouldn't wait for something to take them away
While the truth is just to listen, mothers love and loves permission
She's a wise one, she'll help us to get through the day
Up up and away
We all go up up and away
Up up and away
We all go up up and away
When you were a young girl, little princess ambitious in the fountain of youth
Now, you'd best not make a sound 'cause one of these clowns will make a lady out of you
All the pretty girls are getting all prettied up and cute
'cause all the pretty girls just wanna get fucked and abused
While the self respecting line has been trampled over time
Won't you look pretty when he changes his mind?
...we all go up up and away
You're calling out to no-one dear
That pain you feel is the pain i fear
But if no-one cries for no-one here
Then who would cry for you?
S.O.S. save our souls

CD 1
  • 1 This Town
  • 2 Up, Up and Away
  • 3 The M.O.B. Catalogue
  • 4 Greater Than Consequence
  • 5 Lemons (aka BigFishLittlePond)