Who Sang Angelsnakedance? Ana Voog

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Release Date: 1998
length: 3:16

The angels are kissing all the snakes

And all the different sounds they make

Each sound it makes another colour

Which halos round the serpent mother

They coil around their arms like bracelets

And all the snakes are smiling

The snakes are kissing all the angels

And in their wings they're getting tangled

Tickling shiny tails of copper

Not even god would want to stop her

Laughing from their tiny tongues

The angels all are smiling

Hey hey hello

The the tangled angelsnakedance

Didn't you know that they are best of friends?

The angels taught the snakes to fly

And the serpents got the angels high

And you can seek the reason why

But wouldn't you rather dance?

Now as the sun goes down on rivers

It's fire courts the water, kiss her

This angel whispers lucky kisses

To you, the snake, that charmed her wishes

And you can throw them to the sky

But wouldn't you rather dance?

There is no good or evil

There is no right or wrong

There's you

And i

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  • 2 Angelsnakedance
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