Who Sang Gone? Ana Voog

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Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 3:06

They can bury all my words

Poke my eyes with little birds

Stick their finger up in there

And bring their friends for all i care

'cause i'm gone, gone, gone

La de da

Brandishing complete control

I throw my head into a hole

Drown my feelings in the seas

For my love is more than these

And i'm gone, gone, gone


Obsessed maybe




Balancing this

Wish for a delicate kiss

Temperance was never my forte

La de da

Every night the stars in me

Entwine the trees with songs for thee

Get me drunk on shitty wine

For i've found my valentine

And i'm gone, gone gone...

CD 1
  • 1 Telepathic You
  • 2 Angelsnakedance
  • 3 Beautiful Accident
  • 4 Ask the Dragon
  • 5 Backwards
  • 6 Please God (radio edit)
  • 7 Hollywood
  • 8 Terrified
  • 9 Gone
  • 10 Mother Anorexia
  • 11 La Mama Diva
  • 12 (Shine On)
  • 13 I Was Waving at You
  • 14 Please God