Who Sang Mother Anorexia? Ana Voog

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Release Date: 1998
Mother Anorexia, make me streamlined
Make me modern, make me clean
Make me fluid, make me flawless
Make me high
How did I ever find keys to this madness
Keys to this sadness, badness in me?
How did I ever get running on light?
Running on fright, tightness and tightness in me
It's so serious
Father Anorexia, make me graceful
Make me bloodless, make me bright
Make me mobile, make me fearless
Make me white

How did I ever get terribly efficient
When I'm deficient, dish is empty?
How did I ever get all that I wanted?
When I am haunted, daunted and taunted
In me it's so precious
I'm running on the speed of light
And it feels so delicate

CD 1
  • 1 Telepathic You
  • 2 Angelsnakedance
  • 3 Beautiful Accident
  • 4 Ask the Dragon
  • 5 Backwards
  • 6 Please God (radio edit)
  • 7 Hollywood
  • 8 Terrified
  • 9 Gone
  • 10 Mother Anorexia
  • 11 La Mama Diva
  • 12 (Shine On)
  • 13 I Was Waving at You
  • 14 Please God