Who Sang Please God? Ana Voog

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Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 6:14

Please god

Touch me or

Send me an angel to fuck me

Dress him in leather pants and

Give him a sense of humour

Please god

Oh holy

I've been a good girl mostly

So could you send some

Money money money i'm

Out of ammunition

Please god


Could you shine your light upon me and

I'll take several pairs of those shoes in

Red vinyl black and blue suede blue , ya

Well, i ain't never done wrong to a man that

Didn't deserve a hole in his brain now

I've been living on a thin thin dollar and

Learning my lessons through hunger and pain so

Send me an angel to fuck me

Send me an angel to fuck me

Send me an angel to fuck me

Send me an angel

Please god

Kiss me

And would please turn up that jazz

It makes me feel so cool cool cool when ya

Slide that ice up my dress, oh

Please god


Could you lick down my spine as i

Die in a slick white t bird

That explodes into beautiful flames

CD 1
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  • 2 Angelsnakedance
  • 3 Beautiful Accident
  • 4 Ask the Dragon
  • 5 Backwards
  • 6 Please God (radio edit)
  • 7 Hollywood
  • 8 Terrified
  • 9 Gone
  • 10 Mother Anorexia
  • 11 La Mama Diva
  • 12 (Shine On)
  • 13 I Was Waving at You
  • 14 Please God