Who Sang Devouring Glass? Ancst

Ancst Moloch cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-3-25
length: 3:19
wasted days and wasted chances keep our restless bodies alive. we're still moving although paralyzed through this sore catalyst. i've created this vent to escape this stench of perfection. killed you so many times in desperate need of freedom. but you just stand there, with this glance inside your eyes. another broken bond born into this frail kingdom. looks like this created niche won't ever be conquered. where we're nothing more than we want to be. in this nights screams died as soon as they're born. thus may live forever if only in our minds. i'm memorizing all ambitions we used to have and tinge this life blood-red. the miserable claim their place within all these words. words made of lies. words aging in bodies. i've seen my flesh turn to stone. why exercise patience if there's so much more to lose, to fear and neglect. we all just came here to die. and tonight this place drowns in angst and dissolution. can you hear the cries of the depraved in this infected silence. we're here just waiting to die. seeking for peace within this cleansing storm

  • 1 Moloch
  • 2 Behold Thy Servants
  • 3 The Skies Of Our Infancy
  • 4 In Decline
  • 5 Strife
  • 6 Devouring Glass
  • 7 Turning Point
  • 8 Human Hive
  • 9 No More Words
  • 10 Lys

  • Release information
    label: Vendetta Records
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    script: Latin