Who Sang Strife? Ancst

Ancst Moloch cover art
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Release Date: 2016-3-25
length: 5:31
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you bend the edges of reality, in cold blood. filled to the brim with suspiciousness, you have it all planned out. welcome the void, forsake all reflection, sit back and enjoy the show forever. well concealed and integrated, a mirror in every home. (the) need to consume useless details of routines in which you already rot. you are alive but condemned to sleep, no one will help you but yourself. ravage the thoughts that tell you t give in (and) rise up. banish the shell that is you and progress to the life they owe you. there is so much more in the thicket ahead. come see it. question all that is you, question all that is me and welcome the light of day, instead the night you know. the world we live in isn't black and white, just too gray. we are all guilty in the end. I know you cause we are all the same. flesh and bones, just different names. but we can be much more than slaves to time, open up your eyes and take this hand of mine. we shape our world, we shape our future. the choice is ours, we are free to go. they can not hold us inside their maze, systems collapse, you will see. beyond the edge of your screen, a netherworld filled with dreams. keep alive what is essential in a world you ignore. dash through the fog they have created. life for the lifeless, may they rise from their graves.

  • 1 Moloch
  • 2 Behold Thy Servants
  • 3 The Skies Of Our Infancy
  • 4 In Decline
  • 5 Strife
  • 6 Devouring Glass
  • 7 Turning Point
  • 8 Human Hive
  • 9 No More Words
  • 10 Lys

  • Release information
    label: Vendetta Records
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    script: Latin