Who Sang Turning Point? Ancst

Ancst Moloch cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-3-25
length: 3:38
all senses knocked out, violence in my head, passed out and beaten, by the world and by myself. lost in translation, I defy reality. crystal clear, the speed of life is about to drop.
numbed by my fleeing, on the run all the time. keep those bad boys coming, clench the fist, bite the teeth. I can feel me drifting, apart of me, apart of you, sterilized utopia, didn't saw you coming. so sick of this, I've become a husk of death, blinded by obsession. where will I go? fractured and emotionless. lifeless life, no escape, empty shell, easy prey. I'm the infestation, my mind is about to blow. I move in, I move out, the synergy of flesh made horrors. you have made me a servant of wrath, you can not take it back, I am redemption. give in to temptation, (I am) the witness of my own demise, blurred expectations, all is lost, all is gained. and when I break, no splitting tongues, no aftershock. this night is mine, bury me in the green.

  • 1 Moloch
  • 2 Behold Thy Servants
  • 3 The Skies of Our Infancy
  • 4 In Decline
  • 5 Strife
  • 6 Devouring Glass
  • 7 Turning Point
  • 8 Human Hive
  • 9 No More Words
  • 10 Lys