Who Sang Cops & Robbers? Andre Nickatina & Equipto

Equipto Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes and Alibis cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-3-22
length: 3:37
Oh, man, cats be askin me do I love rap, you no I treat rap the way it's supposed to be treated ya know, illegal thoughts, money motavating manuvers, a first class ticket to the hottest place imagine ya know, straight lust, check it.

chorus: I treat rap like cops and robbers
Count illegal dollars
Twist like a whirlwind
Do it til the world ends
Bust just like a choppa

ya everybody read my attentions
Bounce so quick and start your engines
I can take it to another dimension
Another time and more space
My energy heat it up like the north face
I see the pace in rhymes like a tempature
I try to get control like an editor
Never sweat when I'm two steps ahead of ya
I'm in and out of the studio on the regular
I got a mash, envision the cash
Whiplash 'cause a **********a got it so fast
Can put it past anyone comin wait realer
My rhymes attemptin like coke on a mirror
Quite decisive a who rock tight ****
And get the thang to swang like a night stick
Shake it up lifeless, jaws of terror
Nuttin else but myself to rule this era.

chorus x2

the faster way, my rap is great, full time in ya mind I'm'a captivate
So ya better just bystand with no mic stand you couldnt rock the house with a live band
I be ready just to take the heat go and chase the freak and I'm'a lace the beat with technique
That's not found first chump step up straight got clowned knocked down face first
The back...rap a tap glich, release the rounds so rapid ya flinch
Gimme ya engine I'm'a take em out we just spend ya **** lo profile

chorus x2

last standin cuttin and plannin certified dose so ya gunna demand it
Take that **** over like a new prince and ever since we re-rinse wit new prints
Everyone straight taggin bag waggin grabbin I mean the **** you couldnt imagine.
My momma gunna weep but I keep flyin like a dragon I be 50 years old and still saggin.
Mind control about a gram a dose I'm'a explode overload land and blows
Can't really expect to understand it tho
Stay candid with you're little standard flow
While I stay tech like a lion, *****
Break down compounds like a scientist
Increase production ya feel
Smackin up sucka mc's til I rest in peace.

chorus x4


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  • 2 Jungle
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  • 5 Public Enemy #7
  • 6 Dowutigotta
  • 7 Wut U Mean
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  • 13 [untitled]
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