Who Sang Tina Terry? Andre Nickatina & Equipto feat. Shag Nasty

Shag Nasty Horns and Halos cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-5-17
length: 3:05
Andre Nickatina
Tina Terry
Horns and Halos

I use to slither like a snake
Forget the chit chatter it really didn't matter if the other ***** was badder
I climb it like a ladder she's feenin like a clucka
The homies in the motion make it hard for a sucka
Cause I blow blueberry that's something I can carry till I met this fine ***** her name was Tina Terry
She hit me like a rave like she hit the stage
She looked me in my eyes and said I can get you paid
I'm the Motorola I told the dime on the rise
I'll give you half the chance; if you could see it in my eyes
But don't be a buster gotta kill the structure we get a little chedda man from
Any cat that touch her
She said she was game and knew I had game
But even with game girl you gotta use your brain
Man this is necessary on the contrary my 5'9 fine dime yeah Tina Terry
These Cats be lookin hard These Hoes Be lookin hard because they know
She got a stylin body made from God
I put her in the Lac I'm tryin to make a stack
Man cats be sayin Andre Nikky how you bust that
I pull down my hat it ain't no surprise I cover up my eyes but I'm not tryin to hide Man you'll realize you can test it by the *****
Especially when the chicken sayin â??Baby take thisâ??
In a real way

Now listen,
The homies told me you was open season on a renegade night toleratin so keep game she workin that blade up and cursin this game up she ain't claimin your name I ain't servin you papers
I old school Cuddie gotsa know I just rocked the show knocked it like a door
From day you was curtains you callin my number. (Hello)â?¦6 foota down south baby all through the summer me and you gotta show me that she really was down we hit the map all tracks every city and town
And to that pay you know the games way out give me the loot and ima swoop you from grey hound face down
Gotta know that a hoe gonna get it Let her know every thang copasetic
Blazed up a black put her down a sac my homie asked me EQ where you knock that I pulled out a row and you know she lost control of everything a half a thizz, back wood and the Hennessey
Now I got her outta body and mind but this real thang I ain't talkin Bonny and Clyde

(Shag Nasty)
Don't chall know you ****in wit a real mac that ain't goin for nothin but bringing all the scratch back outta cash man your boy will snatch a peezay since she comin delinquent wit bringin all the scratch back I'm known to comin and go I'm on the hunt for another hoe my Lincoln Navigator is a Navi-Hoe I'll mac a hoe so hard they call me knock-a-meechie tell them broads to have they money right before they come and see me
Like my home girl Tina she was more than a misdemeanor when it comes to Tina she's a pipe cleaner people ask me where I meet the hoe when me and Queezy was chillin at a hicky show she whispered in my ear shag you ready to go pointed toward the Bentley and flashed some doe I looked at that as said Girl foe sho told my home boys gotta hoe gotta go���..

CD 1
  • 1 Heels
  • 2 Morire da Solo (Die Alone)
  • 3 Turf on Fire
  • 4 Bananas
  • 5 Close N Personal
  • 6 Boss Soss Talk
  • 7 Git Down
  • 8 Dedicate Yo Life 2 This P
  • 9 Tina Terry
  • 10 Blueberry Rain
  • 11 2 B U
  • 12 I'm Gone
  • 13 Upgrade Call
  • 14 Holla 4 Modonna
  • 15 These Clowns
  • 16 Something' Holy Like Qur'an