Who Sang I'm Gone? Andre Nickatina & Equipto

Equipto Horns and Halos cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-5-17
length: 4:11
god bless me i woulda been right if i was lefty
my life predicted went in my dad testis
forever today you could never owe me one
dont be ashamed of what became of your only son
im back from hell you tell from my rap
i didnt chose it this fell in my lap
i adapt like a blunt to the socket
i rock it with love with these drugs in my pocket
suckas'll hate saying im blood in the market
speak my name cuzz it double up my profits
now im bankrollin controllin my temper
lifes a ***** and im just tryinna pimp her
benz from a sentra hondas to caddys
split the honey filly and roll the grand daddy
many said it can neva be done
but when the truth hit the roof man enemies run

its like givin it how you want it
i got it jump on it
and im livin life like im on it til mornin im zonin x2

they miss me since the day im gone
we keep the ? with filet mingon
frisco diyayo the game so strong
and all around the world its the same ol song
got drugs in my body, thugs in the party
scrackin at the telly like a club in the lobby
cross country i hear the applause
one day with no weed went through withdrawls
oohs n ahhs girls comin out they bras
not fiction yea it was written like nas
i pull a fast one cuzz im down for the cause
no flaws i rip these 16 bars yea
i got game like aftermath and i run red lights like amsterdam
look past the rap and you might see queezy,
a bay cat livin it makin it look easy

its like givin it how you want it
i got it jump on it
and im livin life like im on it til mornin im zonin x2

**** im on to lay you off the track
you cross the bridge ive crossed the map
its a fact im well known and thats bein honest
dont give it ima get it not a threat its a promise
what would they learn that we dont play
?? fa your friends cuzz they dont hate
see im back in town now so whats with the long face
cant you be happy that im home safe
see i took her from the corner fadin on stairways
now its international toast on airplanes
its no fairplay this a bidness
and nicky get cold when you think its a friendship
im knowin the roll that these cats play
and many thought id get caught up in the fast lane
let alone get accepted in the rap game
lifes a *****
rest in peace mac dre
romp in peace
as they would say

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