Who Sang That!? Andre Nickatina & Equipto

Equipto Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes and Alibis cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-3-22
length: 3:36

(feat. Equipto)
Like that
Calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down...
[Verse 1: Equipto]
Now every move I make, no room to hesitate
In this competitive game, sometimes you do what it takes
Through all the rumours and fakes, and break downs
For havin' unstoppable force you couldn't break down
And calm down...
I hear my homie into everything he told me
To put it down like the one and only
Baby open your eyes, and adjust to the scenery
I don't think he really knowin' what that mean to me
Cuz shit be gettin' so damn real
You gotta find some direction
And the game's put to work and shaped to perfection
So by the time you hear it, you won't even ask
And Mickey stay dead serious, while doin' the math
But the incentive, the pride I feel is independent
There's some hatin, I still get a fucked percentage
I can't trip, you gotta sacrifice to make it happen
And I make a reality out of all I imagine
And keep it controlled, I never let it take a toll
Although me and my (?), five in a row
I sit low, patrol the whole valley in my soul (oh no!)
Ain't nothin' stoppin' such a beautiful goal
I'm like fuck it, ain't none of y'all know me
Your whole staff and your bitch ass street promotion teams
I'm like linen, mo' jeans than denim
Ain't forgettin' no dreams as I bring momentum
All through the city, I stay on my toes and so witty
Feel pretty that I'm gon' hit the club with Billy
Just to let it all out, out spoke 'n smoke
And be myself and enjoy ridin' every emotion I can feel
Today I must say, it's dedicated
For those who can hustle and when they say you couldn't make it
And always felt the situation changin'
Not to the top, but to a spot that's sacred
Yeah, it's like that
[Verse 2: Nickatina]
24/7, Yo I be reppin' every hour
Can't stand on my power, no I plot up in the shower
After the water hits my back
I jump up in the act, and rolls me a 20 dolla sack
It's like that
It's like that, sometimes I wish it wasn't
Sometimes I wish I was sober and free just like my cousin
But now I'm livin' raw, still up in my jaw
Try'na mack a situation without a flaw
But check it boss
I'm so greedy sometimes I can't let you see me
I'm with my queen of Ferteeti
But anyway
I like to party and play, word to Cassius Clay
Bust a ballerina, Fillmoe, Nickatina
My heart goes out, yeah to all the crack babies
That shit is like deeper than the navy, somebody save me
It's like a daiquiri, a knival battery
A riddle fiddle 'n giggle, yo at the flattery
Man I like to eat a gang of prawns
And talk shit when the Playstation game is on
I keep a cigar just like Fidel Castro
Early days of a rap cat that blew madd blow
Yo! I'm awake like an owl
Yo! Deep in the town
Yo! Wasn't it (?) when doin' it solo?
I remember when I first saw a gangsta cry
And it'll live with me until the day I die
I cut game with a razor blade
I had to ...(?)
And had to speak to the gods on everything I made
Some think it's complex
Some think I came blessed
But you'll find a hustle raised in the projects
I kick it live just like a forty-five
And when I die you can say "He lived a rapper's life"
It's like that...
And when I spit these raps, it's like that

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