Who Sang Brand New Day? Andy Caldwell

Andy Caldwell Universal Truth cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-5-23
Genre: Electronic Pop
Style: Deep House/Downtempo/Ballad
length: 6:14
baby i been feeling like
i need a change
i need to change

cuz ı've been trying way to hard
in this game
i take the blame

seems so many people think they have to settle for less
then what their worth
holding on to types of how we think it has to be
but that never works

lately at night
i get a feeling in myself
don't turn out the ligth
i want to listen to it
girl you were right
throwing caution to the wind
i m giving up the figth
i m doing it tonight

just got to let it go,
and i know that i'll find my way
i want to let you know
i feel like a brand new day

i feel alrigth as i look at my life now
cuz i am doing the best i can
b___erflies have got me all tied up
but i know i am going to make it mine

CD 1
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  • 2 Pushin'
  • 3 The Real
  • 4 Warrior
  • 5 Brand New Day
  • 6 Don't You Love Me
  • 7 Universal Truth
  • 8 The Stars
  • 9 The Question
  • 10 Miss U
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