Who Sang Normal? Anet

Release information
Release Date: 1999
length: 3:23

Dad's in the kitchen and mom's in NewYork
His wife's on the westcoast
And his girfriend's name is John
Everything's normal
Everything's fine
Everything's just the way it should be
I'm normal cause I'm all screwed up
But normal isn't normal as normal was
I'm more than a little bit maladjusted
I'm sorry don't bug me
Cause I'm dealing with my problems
I'm trying to figure it out
I'm trying to choose
Don't want to end up like a doorknob
Dead from weapons drugs and booze
So the future's a black hole
Still I'm jumping in
So don't call me a loser
Cause there's nothing left to win
Everything's normal everything's fine
Everything's normal
Everything's just the way it should be
I'm changing the channels sick of watching the news
A kid just blew himself up trying to prove
Something his god wouldn't backup
A persecution crackpot
Has everyone been abused?
No wonder I'm so confused
Nobody was shocked when Billy did the cop
They just shoved him in the backseat
And then they drove away
And yes my attitude needs adjustment

CD 1
  • 1 Tortured
  • 2 Stop Shooting Me
  • 3 Cursed
  • 4 Realness
  • 5 Normal
  • 6 Die 4 U
  • 7 Whore
  • 8 Stuff
  • 9 L'etat d'amour
  • 10 Astronauts
  • 11 Friends
  • 12 For the Moon