Who Sang Stop Shooting Me? Anet

Release information
Release Date: 1999
length: 3:30

A tin can of worms is what's killing me
My vegetarian mind just wants to let it be
I'm the kid on the street I'm your Kennedy
Anomaly a bloody mystery
With your seek and destroy and your battle fatigues
Somebody ripped a page off of my history
The sky is bleeding the earth is crying
God is alive but the devil ain't dying
Stop shooting me Stop shooting me
I can't see 10 feet in front of me
Stop shooting me Stop shooting me
I'm biting the bullet ain't swallowing

It's 10 in the morning and I'm watching the news
Is everybody nuts or am I losing touch
I'm laughing now so I guess I'm fine
Don't tell me too much I've got a hollow mind
With no time to swallow or shit or fight
I feel a little vacant like a poltergeist
Mahatma Ghandi I'm your Babylon
I'm the fire you set I'm your wake-up bomb

Walking on a city sidewalk
You'd better get a bodyguard
Sorry doesn't get attention
You'd better get an armoured car
Well maybe I should learn to trust
But you look friendly as a border dog
And I'm a little fobic got acute neuroses

The man in the moon is selling fantasy
It's all about nothing but money money
Feeding the strong and starving the week
But there's a payback day Zen karma belief
Look I know you did it but you left no trace
Don't look at me with that Jack Nickleson face
It's a Johnny here and a Johnny there
And pretty soon the little Johnny's are everywhere

It's love love and it's truth from above
Gimme a rise and I'll give you a prize
Don't slam the lids don't sleep with your daughters
Don't piss in the tiger's drinking water

CD 1
  • 1 Tortured
  • 2 Stop Shooting Me
  • 3 Cursed
  • 4 Realness
  • 5 Normal
  • 6 Die 4 U
  • 7 Whore
  • 8 Stuff
  • 9 L'etat d'amour
  • 10 Astronauts
  • 11 Friends
  • 12 For the Moon