Who Sang Tortured? Anet

Release information
Release Date: 1999
length: 4:43
I was alive after the murder
Yes I survived after the crash
You know my dreams
You couldn't haunt them
And when you tried
I only laughed

Yes I am tortured
But I'm happy
When you push me to the edge
And I can't take it
When you fake it
Trying to make it easy on my head
Yes I am tortured
Got a twisted little mind
Yes I am tortured
But I'm happy

I wasnt harmed
You couldn't curse me
Yes I survived after the blast
And all your screaming
It only drives me on
It drives you nuts
It makes me laugh

You do me wrong it makes me strong

CD 1
  • 1 Tortured
  • 2 Stop Shooting Me
  • 3 Cursed
  • 4 Realness
  • 5 Normal
  • 6 Die 4 U
  • 7 Whore
  • 8 Stuff
  • 9 L'etat d'amour
  • 10 Astronauts
  • 11 Friends
  • 12 For the Moon