Who Sang Don't Drag Me Down? Angel Crew

Angel Crew Another Day Living in Hatred cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Religious/Heavy Metal
length: 3:04
I'm cutting the chains
The chains that kept us together
Gonna cut you lose from me
'Cause I know things ain't getting better
I see you going down a path
That will only lead you to darker depths
And I won't follow in your footsteps

Oh no.

No I won't let you drag me down
Keep my feet planted on the ground

Drawing the line between you and me
'Cause that's the way things came to be
All the lies you told the broken promises
Can you tell me why it had to come to this
Tested my faith to many times
I ain't wasting no more time on you

Don't drag me down
Can't understand why you do what you do
Don't drag me down
Trouble seems to find you everywhere you go
Don't drag me down
Listen to me 'cause your luck is running out
Don't drag me down
You gonna end up six feet under ground

Six feet under ground

Things ain't the same as yesterday
That time is gone I watched you slip away
Trouble finds you everywhere you go
Can't understand you what you do

CD 1
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Angel Skin
  • 3 Steal Your Crown
  • 4 Dying Breed
  • 5 Another Day Living in Hatred
  • 6 Only One Truth Will Last
  • 7 Side by Side
  • 8 Strength of One
  • 9 Don't Drag Me Down
  • 10 What It Comes Down To...
  • 11 [untitled]