Who Sang Promised Land? Angels & Agony

Angels & Agony Eternity cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-10-12
Beneath the burning sun I stand
Believing all plans were so right
With your warm blood on my hands
Only for my promised land
It seems that all now is in vain
Fighting for this b_____ reign
In my heart it doesn't feel right
Now everyone has died

Take me away from all this death
Save me from pain and sure defeat
Clean my face from your spilled blood
Free my soul that screams to you

Heal my heart and hate underneath
Lay my body to rest in peace
Free my soul that screams to you
and wash my hands in innocence

Troops are moving through the land
Gunshots sound and people cry
Calling names and throwing stones
I spit my blood into the sand

No one left to take the blame
Follow orders in this game
Women cry and children die
All for mankind's greatest lie

CD 1
  • 1 Tao
  • 2 One
  • 3 Revelation
  • 4 Darkness
  • 5 Surrender
  • 6 Don't Be Afraid
  • 7 Heart & Soul
  • 8 Forever
  • 9 Into the Sun
  • 10 Promised Land
  • 11 Eternal Entity