Who Sang Captivity (version acoustique)? Anggun

Anggun Luminescence cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-2-22
Genre: Hip Hop Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock/Vocal/RnB/Swing
length: 4:04
To the highest mountains and
To the deepest seas and back to
The long and rocky road
I'll always be with you

As far as we can go
As long as we are two
Your heart is all I follow
Your love keeps me true

Nothing matters to me
I'm blind don't want to see
Shut my ears I can't hear
Everything around me

Whenever we're apart
From each other's heart
Nothing makes a difference

Cause I don't want to go away
Away from your captivity
I won't ever go away
And take my liberty

I don't want to go away
Away from your captivity
I won't ever go away
I locked the door of my liberty

Everybody can tell that I am under your spell
Like a pearl in a shell
You keep me so well

You take my heart in your care
Love me more that you dare
The magic that we share
Is beyond compare

We're like the queen and the king
Who don't need a thing
Cause only your love could bring
The wind under my wings

We'll never be apart
From each other's heart
Though nothing makes a difference

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    DVD-Video 2
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