Who Sang Painted? Anggun

Anggun Luminescence cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-2-22
Genre: Hip Hop Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock/Vocal/RnB/Swing
length: 3:17
composer: Jean-Pierre Taïeb
lyricist: Anggun
i can't cease the river from running to the sea
i can't cease the thunder from shouting so angrily
i don't have the power to gather seven seas
i can't stop the fire inside of me

painted like a tatoo
forbiden like a taboo
this feeling i can't undo
i don't know if you feel it too
painted like a tatoo
forbiden like a taboo
this feeling i have for you
can't stop it if i wanted to

i can't stop the fever from burning secretly
i can't fright the hours from going without asking me
i know not to shattered this desire so easily
i can't fight the fire inside of me

repeat chorus

painted like a tatoo
forbidden like a taboo
my heart is waiting for you
what am i supposed to do?

it's like the war against nature
to never dreamed of you ever
wish i have the power to try
the power to try

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    DVD-Video 2
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