Learning (How to Fall) Lyrics - Anita Lipnicka & John Porter

John Porter Nieprzyzwoite piosenki cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 4:43
In your world of admirers, lovers, hangers - on,
Bathroom mirrors, ghosts and fleeting friends
Your SOSs, your emotional messes
And your dramas without end

You're victories, wardrobe full of clothes you never wear
A vase of daffodils in your window
It's here I met the graveyard of my dreams
The ones I didn't want to know

We're learning, learning how to fall
We're learning, learning how to fall

Buried in the darkness, sitting naked in your chair
You're a statue, indifferent to my stare
I came of begging at your bed,
After a while, I forgot I was there

So I lost my body, lost Time but not my mind
Just like life after a death
Washed away in a raging river
And the coldness took away my breath

We're learning, learning how to fall X 4

Down a corridor of endless doors in a building of endless floors
We run, hand in hand
Searching for stupid things said in a clever way
Afraid we might not understand

We've forgotten the beating heart, breathing in and breathing out
How to see, touch and feel
We never want to come back down
when we`ve got to the top of the hill

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