Strange Bird Lyrics - Anita Lipnicka & John Porter

John Porter Nieprzyzwoite piosenki cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 4:31
Yesterday I saw the ghost
Of my shaded past
He was standing by my window
Looking kind of lost
He said : "I've travelled across the oceans
Of time and s___e
Just to say I love you
I still can't forget..."

I didn't even stop to listen
I had my things to do
So I just kept on walking
Staring at my shoes
I guess I didn't have the courage
To look him in the face
Then I heard his voice
Crying at my back
And he said: You're a strange bird

You sang so sweet then you flew away
You're a weird flame
You made me warm till I got burnt
Oh! you'll pay for this one day....

When I got home it was late at night
Nothing on TV
So I just dived into the silence
With a cup of tea
Somehow I couldn't rest my mind
When I was in bed
I still heard these words
Rattling in my head...

I woke up early in the morning
Blinded by the Sun
I never felt so empty and so lonely
In my life
I've left so many ghosts behind me
Trying to save myself
Now I'm all alone
And that's the price I pay...

I'm a strange bird
I sing so sweet then I fly away
I'm a weird flame
I'll make you warm
Till you get burnt

I just look for Love
Does it make me bad?
We all look for Love
But it's not always there....

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