Who Sang Bill Bailey? Ann-Margret & Al Hirt

Al Hirt Beauty and the Beard cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
length: 3:19
producer: Stephen H. Sholes
conductor: Marty Paich
engineer: Al Schmitt
arranger: Marty Paich
composer: [unknown]
One one summer's day,
Sun was shinin' fine,
The lady love of old Bill Bailey
Was hangin' clothes on the line
In her back yard,
And weepin' hard.
She married a B&O brakeman
That took and throwed her down,
Bellerin' like a prune-fed calf
With a big gang hanging round
And to that crowd,
She hollered loud:

Won't you come home, Bill Bailey
Won't you come home?
She moans the whole day long.
I'll do the cookin', darling
I'll pay the rent,
I know I've done you wrong;
'member that rainy eve that
I threw you out,
With nothing but a fine-tooth comb?
I know I'm to blame,
Well, ain't that a shame
Bill Bailey won't you please come home.

Bill drove by that door
In an automobile,
A great big diamond, coach and footman
Hear that lady squeal.
He's all alone
I heard her groan.
She hollered through the door
Bill Bailey, is you sore?
Stop a minute, listen to me
Won't I see you no more?
Bill winks his eye
As he heard her cry:


CD 1
  • 1 Personality
  • 2 'Tain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)
  • 3 Bill Bailey
  • 4 My Baby Just Cares for Me
  • 5 Everybody Loves My Baby
  • 6 Little Boy
  • 7 The Best Man
  • 8 Ma (He's Making Eyes at Me)
  • 9 Mutual Admiration Society
  • 10 Row, Row, Row
  • 11 Baby, It's Cold Outside
  • 12 Just Because