Athens Lyrics - Anne Clark

Anne Clark To Love and Be Loved cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-8-1
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synth-pop
length: 5:30
And you wonder why
It's no wonder
It's so easy to carry these feelings from day to day
From sigh to heavy sigh
Don't ask why
I'm just quiet in my mood
It's my way
Apparently sullen, more probably shy
(Textbook a__umptions for the weary of eye)
You earnestly try
To put into logic
The dense intensity
Meeting of minds
Try to make sense of the lengthening silence
That's left me confused
The lengthening silence that makes ghosts out of time

Is it such a surprise?
I'm surprised!
I was captured from the moment
The instant I saw you
I never stopped trying
I haven't stopped reaching out to you. I...

But you

You're thinking
Were you thinking that I...
Oh no!
You're mistaken
It's my nature
A cold pretence hides a fire inside
I'm afraid of the closeness
Of the pain it inspires
And now I...
Now I ache from the yearning
Want to know why
There's no whisper, no trace, no word
No sign

Where if anywhere does presumptiousness lie -
There in silent panic or here with foresight?
The gift you gave tightens itself on my wrist
Is that all it meant?
Is there no more than this?
The tightening, tangling, turbulent night
Expanding the distance, extinguishing light

I'm alone here
I want you
Do you hear me?

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