If Lyrics - Anne Clark

Release information
Release Date: 2008-9-26
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Folk Rock/IDM/Acoustic/Downtempo/Synth-pop/Experimental
length: 7:24

Imagine if
What would happen
What would happen if running on empty
Seemingly forever

The car crawls to the umpteenth fuel station
Still out of sight, joining the motionless caterpillar of cars
Traffic snaking, tailing back for miles

Imagine if the afternoon turned to evening
And as you approach the entrance
Fists fly as the green plastic can is wrestled over
And subsequently spilled across the great tarmac
Mixing blood and petrol

What if the price became so high
It was only available to those who could afford it
Those who the governments decide take priority

Imagine it is rationed by the litre
Security guards, then eventually soldiers patrolling the pumps

Then it all stops
... then it all stops

Imagine all the silence
Imagine all the silence
After the rioting, the killing, the madness
... silence

What would happen next

Traffic snaking
Tailing back for miles

Imagine if
What would happen (what would happen...)

Mixing blood and petrol
Then it all stops (then it all stops...)

What would happen next
Imagine all the silence

Imagine all the silence

Imagine all the silence

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