Lost to the World Lyrics - Anne Clark

Anne Clark THE LAW Is an Anagram of WEALTH cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Electronic
Style: Modern Classical/Synth-pop/Ambient
length: 2:42
I have lost touch with the world
where once I wasted much of my time.
Nothing has been heard from me for so long
that they might well think me dead.

Indeed, I hardly care
if the world thinks I am dead.
Neither can I deny it,
for I am truly dead to the world.

I am dead to the bustle of the world
and repose in a tranquil realm.
I live alone in my heaven,
in my loving, in my song.

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CD 1
  • 1 Introduction: Flight Through Sunlit Clouds
  • 2 So Quiet Here
  • 3 At Midnight
  • 4 Lost to the World
  • 5 Come In
  • 6 Fragility
  • 7 That We Have Been Here (version)
  • 8 Longing Stilled
  • 9 Nightship
  • 10 Seize the Vivid Sky
  • 11 The Haunted Road
  • 12 I of the Storm