Psalm Lyrics - Anne Clark

Release information
Release Date: 2008-9-26
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Folk Rock/IDM/Acoustic/Downtempo/Synth-pop/Experimental
length: 5:45
I don't need your god.
I don't need your eternal, paternal god.

Don't need your reassuringly protective,
good and evil in perspective god.

Don't need no imported, distorted, inflated, updated holy roller, save your soul, or anaesthetisingly opiate god.

Don't need no, "All creatures that on earth do dwell; be good or you go to hell" god.

Don't need no "Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna! Hail Mary! Hail Mary!" god.

Got no yen for zen, Bhagavad Gita, or gurus.

No mormons, methodists, seventh-day adventist gods. No absolutes beyond refute - the reverential, preferential, Judaic, messianic god.

No bibles, no mahajanas, instant dharma gods.

Don't need no spiritual suicide, prefrontal lobotomising god.
Don't need no stoic, s__less, antiseptic god.
Don't need no neon crucifix.
No crusade, no burka, or kabbalah.
No camels, or needles, or papal decrees.
No mail order icons, korans or mandalas.
No Meher Babas.
No imams or ayatollahs.

No sharia.
No opus dei.
No dianetics.
No tarot or beads.
No devadasi.
No immortal, invisible "God's only wise."

Don't need no televised, circumcised, incessant, incandescent gods.
I don't need your gods.

I need human beings.
The beasts of the field,
the earth and the stars.

I need some kind of love.
I need you.

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