I Cover the Waterfront Lyrics - Annie Lennox

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Release information
Writer(s): Edward Heyman, John W. Green, Johnny Green
Release Date: 2014-9-30
Genre: Jazz
Style: Vocal/Contemporary Jazz
producer: Mike Stevens and Annie Lennox
mixer: Cameron Craig and Mike Stevens
vocal: Annie Lennox
guitar: Mike Stevens
membranophone: Neil Wilkinson
bass guitar: Chris Hill
percussion: Annie Lennox and Richard Brook
engineer: Cameron Craig and Mike Stevens
piano: Annie Lennox
flute: Annie Lennox
Rhodes piano: Annie Lennox
accordion: Mike Stevens
harmonica: Mike Stevens
vibraphone: Mike Stevens
keyboard: Mike Stevens
Hammond organ: Mike Stevens
programming: Mike Stevens
trumpet: Simon Finch
trombone: Nichol Thomson
double bass: Chris Hill
cello: Ivan Hussey
violin: Stephen Hussey
viola: Stephen Hussey
conductor: Stephen Hussey
orchestrator: Stephen Hussey
strings arranger: Mike Stevens and Annie Lennox
composer: Johnny Green, Edward Heyman
lyricist: Edward Heyman
Away from the city that hurts and mocks
I'm standing alone by the desolate docks
In the still and the chill of the night
I see the horizon, the great unknown
My heart has an ache it's as heavy as stone
Will the dawn coming on make it light?

I cover the waterfront
I'm watching the sea
Will the one I love be coming back to me?

I cover the waterfront
In search of my love
And I'm covered by a strlit sky above

Here am I patiently waiting, hoping and longing
Oh, how I yearn
Where are you?
Are you forgetting?
Will you remember?
Will you return?

I cover the waterfront
I'm watching the sea
Will the one I love be coming back to me?

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