Who Sang Mirror Games? Anthriel

Anthriel The Pathway cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-9-17
length: 5:36
Mirror Games

I see strangers all around me
Feel their presence in my sleep
Whispers fill my mind with strange illusions
In the corner of my mind
Friend turns to foe, oh am I blind
Or why is all of this happening?

Beautiful strangers stares my eyes
She speaks softly, but is it lies?
Lost in this maze of destruct like insanity

Empty row of seats before me
In this theater of mirrorgames
Now rise the curtain, let the show begin...
"Welcome see the game were playing
Lose yourself within
Mirrorgame of lost souls praying,
For this darkened world
Lose your mind, let evil come inside"

In this game of masquerade
The mirror seems so strange
I feel the tension in my soul
In this game of hidden lies
Reflection meets my eye
I feel the turn of tide inside

As this game will end I have changed within
All that is left of me, this distorted man,
All that I am

As you enter the game you will face the same
All that is left of you, reflection on lie,
Playing with your mind

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Devil's Lullaby
  • 2 Mirror Games
  • 3 Guardian
  • 4 Repression
  • 5 Haven of Grace
  • 6 Dark Divided Minds
  • 7 The Deliverance
  • 8 Controversial Euphoria
  • 9 Light Divine
  • 10 Scent of Dawn
  • 11 Promised Land
  • 12 Chains of the Past

  • Release information
    label: Lion Music
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin