Who Sang Medication? Anti-Nowhere League

Release information
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Oi
length: 2:22
Ah, please don't inject me, inspect me or protect me,
'Cuz I wont be a problem anymore.
I'll be a good little boy, I'll be your perfect little toy,
But please, don't inject me anymore!

Medication - It's time for your medication.

Ah, the needle feels so thick, and these pills they make me sick,
So you know I'll be a good boy here today.
And I promise not to run, or go searching for the sun.
So please, lock me up and go away!

Medication - It's time for your medication.
(Don't be difficult now - we don't want to get the doctor do we?)

And when I'm old and grey, we will all look back and say;
"Oh it's been such a lovely, lovely day".
But don't be so a__ured, if you think that I am cured.
So inject me once again, for the/that good old days!

(Medication) - It's time for my medication! - (It's time for your medication).
(?) - (?)down the hole - (hold him down nurse, hold him down). - (?) - (?)down the hole.

CD 1
  • 1 Good as It Gets
  • 2 Short, Sharp, Shock
  • 3 Unwanted
  • 4 Never Drink Alone
  • 5 Mother… You’re a Liar
  • 6 Turn to Shit
  • 7 Bitter and Twisted
  • 8 Time Is Running Out
  • 9 Run
  • 10 Beware of the Madman
  • 11 Big Yellow Moon
  • 12 My God’s Bigger Than Yours
  • 13 Medication
  • 14 Self Harm
  • 15 At the End of the Day
  • 16 Rampton