Who Sang Mother’s C!!!? Anti-Nowhere League

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 3:14

We used to knock around at school But now you're fat and now you're bald You see me working for the fist As you spend your time just getting pissed Oh oh oh that's arseholes to the front We're the boys that's always on the hunt Oh oh oh that's aseholes to the front Can't you see you're just your mothers cunt She was only seventeen She had her kids from different men So just to give her hands some ease She kept her knickers round her knees Now you think you've got it made You're getting fat not getting laid You'll eat yourself into your grave You're a big fat bastard anyway

CD 1
  • 1 Degeneration
  • 2 Mother’s C!!!
  • 3 Kings & Queens
  • 4 Just Another Day
  • 5 Piggy (The Lesson of Life)
  • 6 Wet Dream
  • 7 Pump Action
  • 8 There Is No God
  • 9 Mission to Mars
  • 10 Am I Dead
  • 11 Dead Heroes
  • 12 The Punk Prayer