Anvil - Race Against Time Lyrics

release date: 2002-8-26
genres: Rock
styles: Heavy Metal
length: 4:37
producer: Anvil and Pierre Rémillard
membranophone: Robb Reiner
lead vocals: Steve “Lips” Kudlow
engineer: Pierre Rémillard
guitar: Ivan Hurd and Steve “Lips” Kudlow
bass guitar: Glenn Five
Sitting in my time machine blasting through all time
Watching fractured memories, my future is left behind
Seasons passing in a blink, days pass by to years
Take me to a better place, save me from my fears


The future, the past
New horizons, through time I blast
Race against time

Past the golden gates of paradise in the land that time forgot
Retrieve the wishes of your dreams, the things in life you sought
Beyond your wildest fantasies, your eyes you won't believe
Pioneer a new frontier, another concept to conceive


Travelled through the centuries of uncalculated time
When laws of physics are broken it's not considered a crime
You can stand and watch as battles rage and people die in vein
Like watching an old time movie over and over again

No future, no past
Lost horizon, will we last?
Race against time

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Race Against Time
  • 2 In Hell
  • 3 Holy Wood
  • 4 Still Going Strong
  • 5 Don’t Ask Me
  • 6 Waiting
  • 7 White Rhino
  • 8 What I’m About
  • 9 Sativa
  • 10 Defiant