Who Sang Do Fa Self? Apache

Apache Apache Ain't Shit cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-2-9
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 3:18

[35 seconds of instrumental and "classroom" to open]
"Today, we have Apache; he's going to speak to us
about what happens, after school."
Yo yo what the fuck is up, I'm not here to preach or teach
or bore yo' little asses with a 30 minute speech
Life's a bitch, ten minutes 'til be in court
So I'll get to the point, cut the bullshit short
Came up in the school of hard knocks, fuck the cops
In the back a lot, we graduated from sellin rocks
Got into scramblin and gambling's my shit
My spot got hot so I stopped packed up and quit
I know you can't tell, but momma raised me well
She taught, I fought, to escape the fate of a cell
It's only one me, what's so fuckin funny?
Mommy taught me how to use a Tec to get money
Before she died, I cried, she said "Listen son -
opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one"
Self-survival's job one if you want it
Well fuck what you heard - do fa self
[Chorus: reggae chatta + yelling children]
Whenever the pressure gets ya dowwwn - "I'MA DO FA SELF"
And alla ya friends are not ar-round - "I'MA DO FA SELF"
Family starts to doubt you - "I'MA DO FA SELF"
Dem never give a fuck about you - "I'MA DO FA SELF"
Sit back, relax, while I conduct the class
Haven't you heard, a hardhead makes a soft ass
Sit up straight jailbait pay attention
... or get sent to detention
[little kid (Apache)]
Maaan, I'll pay attention if I wanna
My fat black ass pay attention to my man on the street corner
(WHY IS THAT?) Because he makin lots of dough
Matter fact, buy fat clothes and lots of hoes
(So you think that his lifestyle is fine?)
No, but I gotta get mine
If I was a comedian I'd make you laugh
A fireman? I'd blow away the backdraft
I could be a point guard and leave you stuck
I could be a cop, fools got no luck
Dig, I'm a kid, and I want wealth
(Fuck what you heard - do fa self)
"I'MA DO FA SELF" [x2]
Sex is the next subject, let's keep in mind
I had my first piece of pussy when I was nine
Nobody told me the facts about Jim hats
Couldn't keep me from goin I was hoin like it was all that
There's a valuable lesson here to be learned
I was the man for a minute until Tonto got burned
Before you step up strap up for safe sex
The bitch that burned me I broke her fuckin neck
I came apart and the hood didn't share a care
A nigga's worst nightmare, and I didn't fight fair
One time my brother tried to play me to get paid
Showed no shame, had more game than an arcade
(Did you get him?) Got him (Shoot him?) Shot him
(What is up with his family?) Yo I could care a fuckin less about 'em
But I pray that you stay in good health
Fuck what you heard - do fa self
[scratching] "I'MA DO FA SELF" [x4]

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  • 2 Tonto
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