Who Sang Hey Girl? Apache

Apache Apache Ain't Shit cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-2-9
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 3:40

(feat. Collie Weed , Milo)
[Chorus: Collie Weed]
Hey girl, all-on me girl
Why you wan' trouble me girl
Hey girl, all-on me girl
Why you wan' trouble me girl
Hey girl it's me Apache, how soon we forget
As long as I have a face, you'll have a place to sit
What do you want or better yet what do you need ho
Links or minks, a ride, or more dough (no)
Everytime I see you your hand's out, you're bummin
Claimin to be a woman, I hate to see her comin
We could've had it all if you just chilled
That's you with your sidewalls and you talkin the dollar bill
Stop gamin, girl I don't hate ya
You slack in your mack game, you wicked by nature
So get sweet, slick and slide for the next man
You might catch a backhand, cause I know your gameplan
Grab a cab, be on your way, that should start ya
I like your entrance, let me see your departure
Hurry up, get away, move on the double G
Why the fuck you wanna trouble me?
[Chorus x2]
[Collie Weed's patoid - best guess]
Dem a ho until mi end, ta me inna end
Tell ya [?] to go, now ya fierce pussy claat
PLEASE, sexy [?] come walk wit me
Gimme likkle love an' make me feel irie
Make me [?] shake like the mango tree
Right here on da grass, right next to me
OHH OHH, I'm lone-lyyy
I wan' this young lady here just to 'old me
BECAUSE, me is a [?] suit ya lovely fine
Mi need a gal who can give me likkle time
Yours are yours and, mine are mine
Dem a ho, I know de one Milo Don
Dem a ho, I know de one Collie Weed
Dem a [?] W-A-I-S-E, L-I-N-G
Gimme likkle L-O-V-I-N-G
An' me Collie Weed, that's all I need
No get up inna temple cause I ask her to plead
Iyyah [?], [?]
I watch out de love cause it's me for me
Not for mi lovesick, not de money
Watch out gal, what me tight-ahh
[Collie Weed singing]
I want some lovin, and dat's de way I'm feeelin-ah
Stop alla-de nonsense, I have no vindictive feeelin-ah
I want you to squeeze me, my sugar pie big baaty dumpling-ah
Come a likkle closer, I hafta tell you a likkle somet'ing
Eeny, meenie, mynie, moe
Who be the next ho to fuck with the ho pro
When I met you I was backed up, stopped up
I said come sit on my lap, let's see what pops up
Took the bait, asked if we could go to a hotel
Took you to the crib, did you on the DL
Gave up the pussy, I took it, rocked it
Everytime I turn around you got your hands in my pocket
But I ain't checkin for ya, your game's too slow
I'm too tall for that so bitch act like you know
Also, you're on the flip tip
This friendship, could end wit'cha leavin with a broke hip
Find another brother and run the same lame game
I forgot your name, so I can't complain
Hurry up, get away, move on the double G
Why the fuck you wanna trouble me?
(Why you wan' trouble me girl?)
[Chorus x2]
[over Chorus] This is something for the people
[Collie Weed's "Hey" echoes repeatedly]
[at the end] Why you wan' trouble me girl?

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