Who Sang Wayz of a Murderahh? Apache

Apache Apache Ain't Shit cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-2-9
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 3:16

Yo I got some murderous ways, so here's a remembrance
For those I've slain, well there's one resemblance
Pass me the mic so I can pump the party
Attack the whack and dump the bodies
It's time to change the scene so pitch ya fists
Big hysterical crowds of steam and mist
Police tape, a lot of men to seperate
the crowd not a soul'll turn or vacate
Newspapers reporters and television camera crews
Prepare for tonight's news and interviews
All attention is drawn towards the lawn
The cops are mad cause the suspects are gone
A body'd bein pulled away and all that remains
as evidence is a trail of bloodstains
Crime specialists, from all over are baffled
The whole entire police force staff is glued
Stuck with not a answer, lead or clue
Backtrack and maybe it'll lead you to
the suspect, but the suspect's a ruffneck
The A-P-A-C-H-E with enough wreck
S-I-D knew just which tune to pick
To turn me into a hip-hop lunatic
I spotted my victim, vicked him, and left
Poor soul brain damage was the cause of death
Cause all it takes is one rhyme to penetrate
your brain can I get a volunteer to demonstrate
The deadly methods I use so smooth to smother another
Is with the the murderus ways of a murderer
"Murder dem" [x6, two seperate times]
[scratched - Cypress Hill: "Know I had to gat ya"]
As a youth, I was proof that crime pays
Any kid who tried to test I had to show him my murderous ways
I spit days, throwin rocks at gays
A little wild juvenile ghetto bastard born sideways
I drank milk, it made me grow up strong and fast
On a mission to find the doctor who spanked my ass
They say I'm crazy, who cares what them think
My murderous mentality's a basic instinct
No matter what I'ma get mine
I love to wreck a rhyme, so who's next in line - huh
The competition is thick but ain't all that
A sloppy shot yo with sloppy speed raps
Niggaz are scared when I make eye contact
I can't hold it back so I'ma murder this fuckin track
Come step up and die like a hero
Cause you must face the bad boy gun-daliero
In the midst of two and two middle
I'ma do as I feel, so let's start the drill
Deadly methods I use so smooth to smother another
Is with the the murderus ways of a murderer
[variations of Chorus and scratching to end]

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