Summer Lyrics - Apartment 26

Apartment 26 Music for the Massive cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-2-24
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Hard Rock/Pop Rock/Jazzdance
length: 4:31
Mrs. Kirby, you shouldn't have
Serve me. Get it.
Entertain the thought of sheer elation.
Hold tight. Tighter.
Immanent dives 'til the sun rises.
Entice. Approach.
Chill to the thought of pure delight.
Venture deeper.
Every moment is it's own occasion.

Sorry, who are you? My memory's hazy.
Thoughts I can't control, they drive me crazy.
Let us relive them tonight.
Sorry, who are you? Seductive lady.
Thoughts I can't control will drive me crazy.
Of course I will set you right.

You'll find out
That you're cold
The water was warm.

Do remember summer?
Maybe you'd like another
Just take a number
and wait your turn, just wait
We light a fire, ignite and burn

Come back. Give it.
Cogitate the fear of raw elation.
Hold tight. Tighter.
Subsequent fibs and compromises.
Aching for more.
Deliberative moves, immaculate planning.
Venture deeper.
Immanent dives 'til the sun arises.

You'll find out
That you're cold.
The water was warm.

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