Who Sang Neva Eva? Apollo Brown feat. Barrel Brothers

Barrel Brothers Grandeur cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:20
guest: Barrel Brothers

I've been running {x4}

[Hook: Skyzoo] {x2}
They never carried it like we was
And never got up that high, they never see us
And never got up that high, they never reach us
Then therefore they could never beat us
Neva eva

[Verse 1: Skyzoo]
Better believe it if anyone asks you
Keep it whatever comes back to you
Who heard that hearing your best work
Is hearing that's just the half of you
I'm half a blog, I bring it like halfway down and still be like double ahead
Half the riders looking like halfway out
If they couldn't fuck with the reg'
Then how could they handle the unstep?
No dance
No hands
One check
No stamp
One address
That raw
Packages or verses kid you know better
Hoes see us and proceed us as dream catchers in 'Lo sweaters
For real
As real as it ever gets
Concealers in better whips
Feel there's a level skipped
The laces is level mixed with leather
Know the rep was just us and what we rep is a must
So it's whatever
And until all the doors close
I'm where the applause goes
The simple life
The goal is grey bottoms at award shows
The same as it ever was
I promise you, I never say "never"
Except knowing I'm all that they never was
Barrel Brothers


[Verse 2: Torae]
I never ran never will
Another plan, 'nother mil'
Never plan? You must be playing a plan in the field
All our plans to plant seeds on land to rebuild
So I never have to worry about a mil'
Think about it
I'm been about it since 'Bout It, 'Bout It from Percy Miller
And word to me and his brothers, see all my verses killer
Never penned the verses filler
My shit is stellar though
But Hov ain't telling y'all, so you never know
Even if I never blow, pray that I never ever be broke again
Shit, we was never even supposed to win
Never say "never" but this my last thought
Some of y'all never gon' fill a passport
I'm on my second, this ain't no Jansport
All of my luggage is Louie truly
A deed and a title when nothing was given to me
Hustle was running through me
Never stunting, never faking, never fronting
Never ran into anybody that want it
Neva eva


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