There’s Always Radio Lyrics - Apollo Brown feat. Evidence

Evidence Grandeur cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:14
guest: Evidence

[There's always radio
And for a dime it's good for a laugh] x2

Rockin' on your radio

[Verse 1: Evidence]
I don't talk without a reason to speak
I might waste a couple bars on freedom of speech
A jaded life that I live by the beach (Don't sleep)
I live a dream but I'm playing for keeps (Good morning, sir)
Good morning, the new dawning
The new cup of coffee, the rain, the awning
The pain from my hangover hanging around
The dark clouds when the haze surrounds (All around me)
I rep the town when I'm soaring through the atmosphere
Touring with Alchemist, touring with Atmosphere
They ain't expecting us, it's to the exodus
Deadly Dilated Peoples killing to the death of us
Started my days, so pardon my ways
Forgive me for my sins, the art is to change
I'm not the easiest shell to crack (Nah)
Or egg or hatch
And it's the bad apple out of the batch (On your radio)


[Verse 2: Evidence]
First things first we lose friends
Over ends, some to God, others depend
Some we outgrow, some we ditch
And when we start making music then we change and switch
Shit, that's that nature of the beast
From different angles, I relate to different beats
Different points of views on making that heat
I'm from a different Los Angeles and stay in the streets (5 O'clock news)
What means the world to you?
If you'd ask about me then I'll tell you the truth
I'd tell your family first then my work in the booth
And you'll never work a day when you love what you do
When the paint don't run, pushing when the papes don't come
With no bullets then there ain't no guns
When the sky turns grey and there ain't no sun
And if the homies ain't had none, it ain't no fun


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